Clifton Murray

Clifton Murray

Lead With Your Heart is…“a collection of songs we wrote and songs we love spanning a wide range of genres.” – Clifton Murray 


Full Name: Clifton MaCabe Murray Date of Birth: November 6
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 6’2
Birthplace: Port McNeill, BC. (The second child born in that hospital)
Hometown: Port McNeill (1-15 years), Victoria (19-23 years)
Current residence: Vancouver, BC
Ethnic Background: Irish, Scottish and Welsh
Hobbies: Quantum physics (quantum mechanics), cooking, yoga, basketball, writing music, working out

First job: Nimmo Bay Resort: My Parents Helicopter Fishing Resort
Childhood ambition: To make the Olympic high jump team, to be in the NBA or a movie/pop star.
Fondest memory: Singing with my dad at the resort for the guests
Indulgence: Food – Asian, Mexican, Italian, Dim Sum, Sushi…i love it all
Greatest accomplishment: The Tenors
Vices: Dim Sum, fried Chicken, jeans, Guinness
Pet Peeves: Line-ups, middle seats, cigarettes, and hotels with no gym.
The best part of my job is…Performing around the world and feeling that special connection with the audience. I love experiencing new cultures and sampling local food (see indulgence!)

Top three memorable moments of your career…

  1. Tenors on Oprah
  2. Tenors on the Emmy’s
  3. Tenors in Africa visiting Bulembu and the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Three things people don’t know about me…

  1. I have a heart condition called Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy (a.k.a: enlarged heart). I had to quit sports due to the risks associated. At first I was devastated but realized that it put me on a new path of performing arts and eventually lead me to The Tenors.
  2. I worked at my parents’ Helicopter Fishing Resort, Nimmo Bay in BC: river rafting guide, fishing guide, waiter, entertainer
  3. I was a under 19 national High jumper and made the provincial Team. Then I received a scholarship to play Rugby at The University of Victoria.


Musician (s): Adele, Bob Dylan, Frank Ocean, WHitney Houston, Michael Buble,  Michael Jackson, David Foster, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, John Mayer, Johnny Cash
TV Show (s): The Office, Newsroom
Movies: Anchor Man, Ray, Lord of the Rings, BBC Planet Earth, Avatar, Nacho Libre, Lawrence of Arabia
Actor: Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Jamie Foxx, Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, Tom Hanks, Christian Bale, Vince Vaughn, Jack Black, Steve Carell
Band: Beatles, Eagles,  Kings of Leon, Cold Play, U2, The Killers
Food: Asian, Mexican and Italian
Book: Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Describe the other Tenors in three to five words…

Fraser: wise, outdoors, intense, leader, fun
Victor: compassionate, devoted, loyal, loving
Remigio: passionate, fiery, creative, hopeless romantic

Clifton Murray joined The Tenors in 2009. His natural singing voice was inherited from his grandfather, George Murray, a famous Irish Tenor on CBC Television’s Cross Canada Hit Parade, which aired in the 1950s & 60s. Clifton began singing and playing guitar at an early age with his father at Nimmo Bay Resort in B.C. He went on to study voice and theatre at Brentwood College and the University of Victoria before graduating with honors from the Vancouver Film School.

Clifton has worked steadily in the television and film industry, securing a supporting role alongside William Shatner and James Spader on the hit series, Boston Legal. He appeared with Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes in the DreamWorks feature film She’s the Man (2006) and had roles in recent films Night at the Museum II (2009) and Damage (2009) with Steve Austin. His movie career has also opened the doors for guest appearances on well- known television series such as the L Word, Smallville, Reaper, Pain Killer Jane and Flash Gordon.

Prior to joining The Tenors Clifton performed as a soloist with the Vancouver- based Good Noise Gospel Choir. Clifton starred as Gord in the Studio City, Los Angeles production of the Daniel Brooks play, The Good Life.