Remigio Pereira

Remigio Pereira

Lead With Your Heart is…“a statement of who we truly are. It encompasses the voice of our hearts, powerful songs with deep emotions depicting divine truths.” – Remigio Pereira


Full Name: Remigio Pereira
Date of Birth: January 18th Zodiac sign:
Capricorn Height: 5”8
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Hometown: Ottawa/Gatineau
Current residence: St. Catharines, ON
Ethnic Background: Azorean Portuguese
Pets: Family dogs, including “Chanel”, a Silky Terrier and “Cushy”, a Goldendoodle
Hobbies: Photography, poetry, and fishing
Languages spoken: Portuguese, Italian, French, English, Spanish

Fun Facts

First job: Cleaning a garbage disposal room and dishwasher at a restaurant
Childhood ambition: To be in the NHL
When did you realize you wanted to sing? When I was 21, I stood on an opera stage and that was it.
Fondest memory: My dad swimming the backstroke in our pool with his feet crossed
Indulgence: Tabasco sauce
Inspiration: My father; Tuscany, Italy
Motto: Make moments of meaning
Greatest accomplishment: Becoming a father
Vices: Playing electric guitar really loud
Pet Peeves: Lies
Person you would most want to meet? My dad, to tell him things I have yet to say.
My friends tease me about… Being stubborn
Three things I can’t live without… My daughter, my family, my music
I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? No clothes

Three things people don’t know about me…

  1. I’m vegan.
  2. I produce hip hop music as well as many other styles of music.
  3. I love to cook.


Musician: Franco Corelli (Tenor), David Russell (Classical Guitarist), and Beethoven (Composer)
TV Show: Three’s Company
Movie: The Notebook
Band/Artist: Van Halen, Aerosmith
Food: Thai Food
Book: Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
City: Maia, on the island of Sao Miguel, in Azores Portugal Holiday location: Exuma Bahamas
Time of year: Fall

Describe the other Tenors in three to five words…

Fraser: precise, well read, articulate, playful, and intense
Clifton: hyper, fun, risk-taker, little kid, funny
Victor: truth, caring, classy, indecisive, and passionate

Portuguese-Canadian tenor, Remigio Pereira, is a multifaceted artist sought-after for his work as a vocalist, guitarist, composer and songwriter. He is fluent in four languages and has performed extensively throughout North America and Europe.

Remigio’s love for music began in his late teens when he performed as a self-taught guitarist in local rock bands. At the age of 23, he was accepted to Le Conservatoire de musique du Quebec where he began formal vocal and classical guitar studies. Remigio was awarded several top prizes and scholarships at school before graduating with a Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance.

During this same period, Remigio began singing with professional opera companies and performed numerous solo recitals for ambassadors, prime ministers and presidents worldwide. Throughout his career, Remigio has had the unique opportunity to perform many styles of music including rock, pop, reggae, opera, Latin and classical.

Born to Azorean parents, Remigio remains close to his Portuguese roots through his love of Fado music. He is equally inspired to sing an opera, as he is to write a pop song, a symphony or a verse of poetry.

As a composer and songwriter, Remigio’s original works and orchestral arrangements have been featured in Hollywood motion pictures and at various international venues. His successful debut album, Destino, is a cross-cultural collection of Spanish guitar, Portuguese Fado and Italian love songs, while his most recent effort, Incanto, highlights famous Italian opera arias. In addition, Remigio’s music has been frequently broadcast on numerous international radio and television stations. Ai nostri “fans” ti amo! Grazie tanto e a presto!!